Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Every mom needs a BREAK! This Mother’s Day give the mom in your life the gift of self-care. Put together all her favorites and plan some uninterrupted “her” time. 

Here are some of our favorites we know mom will love! 

Self Care Ideas for Mom

Are you in charge of planning the perfect Mother’s Day celebration? Here are a few self care ideas perfect for your wife or mother. 

Plan a SPA day at home: Clean the bathroom! Spend some time making your bathroom seem like the perfect getaway! Light some candles, put some flowers on the vanity, get the bath ready, and most importantly allow her some time to relax! Divert all distractions, go outside with the kids, take the dog for a walk and help reduce any other distractions. Have some Champagne chilled or prepare her favorite tea or cocktail. Provide some magazines, a favorite book or make sure her ipad or phone is charged to watch a show or movie. 

If you have plans for Mother’s Day, spoil her the night before or after! 

self care

Self Care Products

These products can be customized to reflect her personality and favorite things. Be creative and spend some time thinking about her ultimate favorites (food, drinks, scents ect). Prepare this in a basket and present it to her right before her self-care night. 

Beauty and Personal Care Products

The Bar Soap and Wash: This product is great for a bubble bath and is an all-natural way to clean and moisturize. We recommend the Blood Orange, Lemon, & Lavender scent for a simple fruity and relaxing night. 

Her Favorite Beverage: Whether this is a bottle of chilled champagne, her favorite wine, some tea, or coffee from her favorite spot make this special to her. If she is pregnant or doesn’t drink try a fun mocktail. 

The Clay Mask: This mask is the perfect edition for self-care. This mask is a heavy hitter when it comes to extracting toxins, and acts like a sponge. Some of the clays include bentonite clay, moroccan lava (rhassoul) clay, kaolin clay, activated charcoal. 

self care

A candle: Pick out her favorite scented candle. Choose an all-natural candle that will not give her a headache. Try a local shop near you!

The Shaving Oil: Our shaving oil can be used as a shaving agent, or as a preshave or aftershave. Our shaving oil is all-natural and packed with beneficial ingredients to help you get the closest shave while still moisturizing your skin.

self care

Chocolate: Make sure to include some chocolate or her favorite candies. This sweet treat will be a great way to help her relax and unwind. Again, get creative and get her some of her all-time favorites! She deserves it.

The Room Spray: Boost the experience with some room spray. This isn’t your average room spray! This room spray is free of free radicals and endocrine-disrupting agents. This spray uses only therapeutic-grade essential oils.  

self care

self care.

The Lotion: This is a great product for after the bath to lock in all moisture! The perfect light lotion, moisturizing but not greasy, with nice plant-based ingredients. You can stick with the Blood Orange, Lemon & Lavender theme or try more of an earthy and herbal scent with Juniper, Rosemary & Sage. self care. self care. self care. self care. self care.

self care

Homemade Gifts: Have your kids make some cards for mom and include them in the basket so mom can read them! self care. self care. self care


Mom’s help this world go round. Spoil her this year with something extra special. 

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