Buyer Beware: Toxic Ingredients in Air Fresheners

What are the side effects of air fresheners?

Our Buyer Beware series exposes potential risks in products that you and your family use on a daily basis. We believe in products that don't disturb your body's natural state. 

We use air fresheners to make our homes, offices, and cars smell better. I mean the word "freshener" seems like it would purify or cleanse the air. However certain ingredients in room fresheners and rooms sprays can be extremely toxic. This isn't just a can of spray. These fresheners can be in form of a can, heated oils, electric, automatic, plug-ins, and more. Ingredients in these products have been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, and pollution of the air. 

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What are the side effects of air fresheners?

  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin irritation
  • Airway irritation 
  • Possible carcinogen 
  • Reproductive & birth defects
  • Respiratory issues

Chemicals in Air Fresheners

It may be surprising that there are so many ingredients in commercial room sprays, we have broken down some of the most toxic chemicals. 

1,4-Dicorobenzene: a VOC that may interfere with lung function. This is a big concern for children and those with respiratory illnesses including asthma. 

Acetaldehyde: Clear liquid that burns easily. It is often used in perfumes and dyes to help as a preservative. It is also a possible carcinogen (Hazard Summary of Acetaldehyde). Extremely flammable. 

Benzene: This ingredient is often used because it evaporates quickly in the air. Benzene is naturally produced from volcanos and forest fires. It is also a carcinogen and a reproductive toxin. 

d-Limonene: Ingredient that is linked to eye and skin irritation. This ingredient can also increase the risk of allergic reactions. 

Formaldehyde: This is a toxic compound that is linked to cancer of the nose and throat. It can also cause irritation to the airways and throat. 

Parabens: Linked to breast cancer and hormone disruption. 

Xylene: Linked to central nervous system depression, like dizziness, depression, and impaired short-term memory. 

Phthalates: Associated with effects from endocrine disruption including damage to the female reproductive system, birth defects, or low sperm counts. 

Best Ingredients in Air Fresheners

Did you know that legally, putting ingredients on household products isn’t necessary? Yeah, we think that’s weird too. Here’s the ingredients, because we have nothing to hide and you deserve to know: pure witch hazel extract, distilled water, & blend of essential oils. That's it.

What is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is when brands or products claim to be more natural/green/clean than they really are. This is often a marketing tactic to make products seem healthier than they are. So when looking for products look past the marketing and at the actual ingredient list. 


We can't stand companies that throw the word "natural" around in the hopes of tricking trusting people into buying harmful products loaded with fragrance, preservatives, and all kinds of other endocrine/hormone disruptors. We use the phrase "truly natural" because we strive to be completely harmless to our customers and the environment.

Why Trust Brothers Artisan Oil?

Brothers Artisan Oil is committed to handcrafting genuinely healthy products that won't hurt you, the environment, or your biome. Our products are tested only on willing humans, and only buy ingredients from suppliers that follow the same practices. We use only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and are extremely proud of our ingredient lists. air freshener, air freshener, air freshener. Air freshener, air freshener, air freshener, air freshener

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