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About Us

Our Mission

Brothers Artisan Oil makes truly natural products for the body and home. We believe that people shouldn't have to pick between good looks and good ingredients. Ever wanted to feel virtuous about your hand cream? Bam. You got it. Don't care about ingredients? That's cool. We can still make you and your home smell amazing.

Brothers Artisan Oil is committed to handcrafting genuinely healthy products that won't hurt you, the environment, or your biome. Our products are tested only on willing humans, and only buy ingredients from suppliers that follow the same practices. We use only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and are extremely proud of our ingredient lists. 

The Shea Family

Owen, Baxter, and Wiley are brothers. Marie and Owen are married. They made Nova. Owen, Baxter, and Marie made Brothers Artisan Oil. Owen, Baxter, and Marie enjoy working together every day. Nova enjoys cupcakes and rocket ships.

If you want to know more, Paul Jackmauh of Craft & Caro wrote an in-depth piece on the Sheas. It's on Every Man Must Have and it's far better than any description that the person running this site (me, Marie, hi!) could ever write. So read that.