Where do your products ship from? Our products ship from Atlanta, Ga, with some help from a small team.

Do you have international shipping? Yes! We ship internationally, and we do not mark up our international shipping rates! The number you see at checkout is calculated directly from the carrier.

How long will shipping take? Our shipping calculator at checkout should give an accurate estimate. We send everything out as quickly as we can, but once it's in the hands of the carrier, we do not have control over it or access to any more information than your tracking code can provide.

Why isn't my tracking code updating? Depending on traffic/season at the post office, sometimes packages are not scanned in upon receipt and are instead just thrown directly into the truck. We love watching our mail make its way toward us too, and understand why that is frustrating, but at that point, it's out of our hands (literally).  

Tracking says that my package has been delivered, but I'm not seeing it on my doorstep. Brothers Artisan Oil apologizes, but due to abuse of our trust and kindness, we cannot refund or resend packages that go missing. We hope our customers understand that once we carefully and lovingly bring packages to the post office, any mistakes or losses that occur are out of our control and are a USPS issue. We urge any customer who wishes ensure the safety of their package to use the text box at checkout to tell us they would like to sign for their package. 

What is Route+?Route+ is premium package protection for your online orders. When you add Route+ at checkout, you can easily file claims for lost, stolen or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that they arise.

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Please visit our contact page to submit any changes to an existing subscription.

Return policy:

We will replace or refund any unused or defective purchase from brothersartisanoil.com within 30 days of purchase. Non-defective returns will be subject to a restocking/exchange fee, and return shipping will be deducted from the refund/store credit. Returns may take up to two weeks to process. Purchases from other retailers are handled on a case-by-case basis with proof of purchase. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, from another retailer or from us, please do not dispose of the product before contacting us. We cannot replace or refund absent or entirely used-up products. 

Due to abuse of our return policy, we are now requesting that claims of damaged goods be accompanied by a photograph of the box as it arrives and the product itself. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Do you test on animals? We test only on willing humans, and only buy ingredients from suppliers that follow the same practices.

Do you "greenwash," or "act natural," or in any way try to appear more natural than you are? Never. We can't stand companies that throw the word "natural" around in the hopes of tricking trusting people into buying harmful products loaded with fragrance, preservatives, and all kinds of other endocrine/hormone disruptors. We use the phrase "truly natural" because we strive to be completely harmless to our customers and the environment.


How do I use your products?

Yeah, some of our products need a little more explaining than others! Hopefully we can answer your questions below, but if you're still wondering, please don't hesitate to contact us at orders@brothersartisanoil.com!

Beard Oil:


We all know the plagues of beard growing: itch, dryness, splitting, breakage, thin spots, the dreaded beard dandruff; even the most thickly, handsomely bearded folk have battled at least one of these. From these troubles, Brothers Artisan Oil was born. We saw the damage inflicted to the beards we prided ourselves on, by the wear and tear of everyday grooming as well as the elements, and decided to create a do-it-all, pocket-sized product that would lend our beards a hand. And then we decided to make it smell really, really good.  


Brothers Artisan Oil products promote growth by preventing splitting and breakage, as well as nourishing the skin, preventing flaking and itching. Remember, a strong beard can only grow from healthy skin.


Our product, though developed for the bearded chin and the fine hairs that grow from it, is beneficial to more than just facial hair--all that smoothing, shining, and breakage prevention applies to head hair too, and our oil contains anti-inflammatory, moisturizing properties for the skin. Since it mimics the natural oils the skin produces, but is a purified product, even clean-shaven men have found it helpful for everything from dryness to acne.  And of course, it smells really good. 


BEARD: Simply massage into beard, preferably after a shower, to lock in moisture and prevent splitting. The amount depends on your beard length--for some courageous stubble, we recommend a dime-sized amount: for respectable scruff, a nickel: for a serious beard, a quarter.

HAIR: Work through wet hair and style as usual, to condition and tame frizz.

SKIN. Everyone's skin is different; start with a little and use more as needed for hydration, pore tightening, blemish control, and preventing ingrown hair.

INGREDIENTS: argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, blend of essential oils. 

OTHER THINGS: Customers have told us they've used our oil on their elbows, knees, and ears.


Shave Oil:

Shave oil softens the follicle and shaft of the hairs, allowing them to bend as the razor desires, resulting in a closer, smoother shave, with fewer nicks.

It can be used before your regular shave product or as an independent shave lubrication. Those seeking a quick but gentle, moisturizing shave find it speeds their morning routine, and those committed to a close shave but unwilling to abandon the sight of a foamy face in the mirror notice that our shave oil enhances their usual routine.

Many find that the full visibility that shave oil provides is essential for the delicate task of lining up their beard.

Use your hands to apply to wet skin before shaving. Be careful not to use too much--you want to provide a thin layer of moisturizing slip, not drown your face. Our advice for first-timers is to apply slightly less than you think you should. It should feel like the razor is gliding over your skin, not skipping or dragging.  



Does it really work? YES! We know, you've probably already tried some other natural deodorant. You heard how bad conventional deodorants are and wanted to make the healthy choice for your body. You grabbed one at a grocery store, tried it out, and were left disappointed and stinky. We're sorry. This happened to us, too. So we worked on perfecting our formula for nearly two years. And here it is.

Why does my deodorant look/feel dried out? It’s probably just cold! Hold it against your underarm for a minute to melt the top layer before gliding on. Temperature fluctuations can make it crack, but it works just as well. (Now if only we could convince our toddler that the world doesn't end when her cracker breaks...)

Why isn't it clear? If white streaks appear, you can always rub in with a fingertip, but under normal temperature circumstances, this shouldn't be necessary. 

Why is it leaving residue on my clothes? You're probably putting too much on. You only need one layer. Conventional deodorants are often swiped back and forth several times, but our natural and effective formula requires only one focused movement.

It’s not working! Try a clay mask detox for your pits to kickstart the transition, but give it some time, too. Your body is accustomed to (and has built a tolerance to) conventional deodorant for some time, it just needs to adjust. Also, our deodorant works better every time. As the body becomes more rich with the magnesium in our deodorant, many people find that their sweat smells better, even when they forget to apply it! And the kaolin clay is constantly purifying. It should be working well within a couple of weeks.

Will it stop me from sweating? We aim to stop the wet, not stop the sweat :) It’s good to sweat! Sweat is your body trying to get rid of stuff. You don’t want to trap that in there. We use arrowroot powder to absorb sweat once it leaves the body, keep you dry, avoid pit stains, etc., but we’re not in the business of fighting the needs of your system. 


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