Summer Guide: Switching to Natural Deodorant

Summer heat is no joke! So neither should your deodorant. We have seen an uptrend in natural deodorant, but let's face it some just don’t work. If you have been thinking about making the switch but fear the potential consequences we have your survival guide to switching to natural deodorant.

natural deodorant

Finding the Right Natural Deodorant

First and foremost the right natural deodorant makes all the difference. Pick a natural deodorant that is truly natural. “Greenwashing” is a common marketing ploy to make products and brands seem more sustainable than they really are. Check out how to spot and avoid greenwashing with EcoWatch

After you make sure that you choose a truly natural deodorant, check out the ingredient list. Ingredients like magnesium to help control odor and organic arrowroot powder to help absorb wetness. Natural deodorant doesn't prevent you from sweating but can help eliminate the odor-causing bacteria. Try and avoid ingredients like baking soda, aluminum, and other potentially harmful substances. If you are looking for a sustainable, natural deodorant with amazing ingredients try The Deodorant in 5 different scents.

Patience is Key

Sometimes when making the transition to natural deodorant your body will go through an adjustment. There may be a small period of time that you may have to reapply your deodorant or you may smell different than usual. This is completely normal and shouldn’t last long. However, we have some tips up our sleeve to help!

  1. Stay clean: shower and cleanse underarms daily to help prevent odor-causing bacteria. Use a gentle yet effective wash or soap. Our Purifying line is a great option to help wash away odor and bacteria without stripping your skin of natural oils. 

  2. Apply: deodorant liberally and be ready to reapply. If you apply your deodorant in the morning bring some with you to reapply throughout the day while your body is going through its transition. Once your body has adapted you will only have to apply deodorant once. 

  3. Use a purifying mask: to help eliminate any remaining bacteria and make the transition easier. Our Clay Mask is perfect for extracting impurities and bacteria from anywhere on your body. Including face, body, and yes… armpits. Our water-activated clay mask is easy to apply and uses Aztec clays like bentonite clay, moroccan lava (rhassoul) clay, kaolin clay along with activated charcoal to really help maximize cleansing. 

  4. Stay hydrated: drinking water can help reduce body odor and body temperature. Water flushes toxins from the body and when toxins are no longer present neither is body odor. Also, drinking water can help reduce body temperature hence helping rescue sweat. 

Know when to Switch

Switching to natural deodorant changes the PH levels of your body. So you may find yourself in the adjustment phase for 1-4 weeks, however if your body is not adjusting correctly consider making the switch to another natural deodorant… that actually works. Also, deodorant is not a product you want to run out of! Our suggestion is to subscribe to a deodorant that works for you and have your scent delivered to your door every month and save money with every order. 

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