Complete Guide: How to Grow a Beard

Growing a beard for some is easy, for some, it’s a bit challenging, and others have to alter their diet, lifestyle, and more to attain any facial hair. 

If you have been struggling or simply want to grow a thicker beard, we break down everything you need to know about growing a thick, beautiful beard. 

How to Grow a Beard

  1. Figure out what size beard will best fit your lifestyle
  2. Exfoliate and moisturize skin 
  3. Start using a beard or grooming oil to moisture skin and promote hair growth
  4. Be patient. Your beard may take longer than expected to fill in
  5. Sleep: getting enough sleep can help your beard grow faster and thicker
  6. Make sure you are getting exercise and eating a healthy diet
  7. Try a boars head brush to exfoliate your beard
  8. Use Brothers Artisan Oil Grooming Oil and pomade to style and moisturize your beard

What May Impact Beard Growth

Genetics: How beards grow is often tied to your genes. Factors such as coarseness, length, and size are often related to your fathers, grandfathers, and so forth. 

Age: As you probably know facial hair starts around the age of 13 or once puberty starts. Your beard typically grows the best and fast between the ages of 25-and 35. The growth rate of your beard will slow as you age. 

Testosterone: Higher testosterone levels mean a better chance of growing hair (on your face) however those with higher testosterone levels may have less hair on their heads or loose hair as they age. 

Diet: Eating a healthy diet with a focus on protein, vitamins, and minerals helps sustain your beard. Hair is made up of protein so ensuring you have a high protein diet will only help the beard-growing process. 

How to Grow a Beard Faster

Exfoliate: Having a good exfoliation routine during every phase of the beard-growing process is crucial for growing a fuller beard. Exfoliation can help remove any dead skin and stimulate the hair follicle. You can also use exfoliation tools to remove dead skin and stimulate hair growth. How to grow a beard.


Use Grooming Oil: Grooming or Beard oil can help moisturize not only the hair but also the skin. When using a premium grooming oil can also help with any beardruff, itchiness, and prevent splitting. Brothers Artisan Oil was voted the Best Homegrown Beard Oil to promote hair growth. How to grow a beard. 

"Strongly recommend 3-months order since stimulating inactive and underperforming hair follicles is a process that takes time.”

How to Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is essential for every bearded man. There are tons of benefits of using Brother Artisan Grooming Oil on your beard but it helps replenish oils and moisture that may be stipped while in the shower or washing your beard. Since beard hair is course it helps soften and condition your beard soft to the touch. We also use only premium oils and essential oils to avoid breakouts or allergic reactions. How to grow a beard.


Simply massage into the beard, preferably after a shower, to lock in moisture and prevent splitting. The amount depends on your beard length--for some courageous stubble, we recommend a dime-sized amount: for respectable scruff, a nickel: for a serious beard, a quarter.


Work through wet hair and style as usual to condition and tame frizz.


Everyone's skin is different; start with a little and use more as needed for hydration, pore tightening, blemish control, and preventing ingrown hair.

how to grow a beard

How to grow a beard. How to grow a beard. How to grow a beard.

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