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Magnesium Deodorant: Tea Tree & Lavender

Magnesium Deodorant: Tea Tree & Lavender

Our truly effective cream deodorant relies on magnesium to control odor, organic arrowroot powder to absorb wetness, and kaolin clay to continually purify your pits. 

Baking soda free, aluminum free, fragrance oil free, cruelty free.

We know, you've probably already tried some other natural deodorant. You heard how bad conventional deodorants are and wanted to make the healthy choice for your body. You tried it out, probably before some important social engagement, and were left disappointed and stinky. 

We're sorry. This happened to us, too. So we worked on perfecting our formula for nearly two years. And here it is!

Directions for use: Apply a pea-sized amount to underarms, gently rub in. If this is your first dalliance with natural deodorant, please note that it can take a week or two for your body to adjust.

We're here to help! For personalized guidance on switching to natural deodorant from an aluminum-based product, please email us at (informational page on our site coming soon).