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Limited Edition Grooming Oil: Narragansett

Our limited-edition collaboration for Narragansett for their Made on Honor collection features hops essential oil for a light scent inspired by their Citra Ale. Perfect for the beer aficionado. 

1 oz. glass bottle with dropper. 

BEARD: Simply massage into beard, preferably after a shower, to lock in moisture and prevent splitting. The amount depends on your beard length--for some courageous stubble, we recommend a dime-sized amount: for respectable scruff, a nickel: for a serious beard, a quarter.

HAIR: Work through wet hair and style as usual, to condition and tame frizz.

SKIN: Everyone's skin is different; start with a little and use more as needed for hydration, pore tightening, blemish control, and preventing ingrown hair.

Ingredients: argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, blend of essential oils.